Program 2024

Hear about exciting science and technologies across experimental and computational disciplines in the Biointerfaces community, from Swiss and international research teams in academia, hospitals and industry. 

The three-day program will be preceeded by a pre-conference seminar. 

Session Topics

Session topics for the 2024 edition will include:

  • mRNA therapeutics
  • Immune disease interfaces
  • Biosensing and diagnostics
  • Mechanobiology and mechanoimmunology
  • Biomaterials
  • Bioprinting and biofabrication

We will explore these topics through a variety of lenses:

  • Science to market: products and technologies being developed by start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Can include R&D collaborations, challenges along the development pathway, regulatory.
  • Labs of the future: computation, lab automation, digital twins, and virtual/augmented reality
  • Formats: Invited and contributed talks, panel discussions, and posters


August 20, 2024: Pre-Conference Seminar

Chaired by Sina Saxer, FHNW


The pre-conference seminar is designed for early-career researchers and participants seeking to acquire state-of-the-art background knowledge relevant to the BIC 2024 conference. It will provide introductory presentations on the two key topics: immune disease interfaces and mRNA.  Additionally, it will provide industry insights into these topics and showcase digital innovations in Biointerfaces. 



The workshop format will enable personalized and informal engagement with lecturers. Students and early-career scientists as well as participants from industry and government are very-welcome to attend.


9.10Introduction to Biomaterials – Prof. Dr. David Grainger, University of Utah (US)
9.50Coffee break
10.20Immune disease interfaces – Introduction. Prof. Dr. Li Tang, EPFL (CH)
11.00Immune disease interfaces – Industry insights. Dr. Joerg Betschinger, Novartis AG (CH)
11.50Lunch and more – Ask anything
13.10Immune disease interfaces – Computational insights. Dr. Christina Bauer, Bühlmann Laboratories (CH)
13.50mRNA Therapeutics – Introduction. Prof. Dr. Chantal Pichon, University of Orleans, CNRS (FR)
14.30Coffee break
15.00mRNA Therapeutics – Industry insights. Dr. Tilo Netzer, Lonza (CH)
15.40mRNA Therapeutics – Computational insights. Dr. Jayesh Kulkarni, NanoVation (CA)
16.20Wrap up and transfer
17.00Social activity for early career researchers

August 21-23, 2024: Main Conference

9.00Welcome to Basel and the FHNW – Prof. Dr. Falko Schlottig, Director, FHNW School of Life Sciences
9.05Swiss welcome and group photo 📷
9.15Opening Keynote: Prof. Dr. David Grainger, University of Utah (USA)
Allogenic mesenchymal cell sheet properties in regenerative medicine strategies
Session 1: mRNA
Chaired by Oya Tagit (CH)
9.55Keynote 1: Prof. Dr. Chantal Pichon, University of Orleans (FR)
Messenger RNA vaccines and therapeutics
10.35Coffee break
11.05Invited talk 1: Dr. Tilo Netzer, Lonza (CH)
Optimizing GMP manufacturing of mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles
11.35Contributed talk: Dr. Jayesh Kulkarni, NanoVation (CA)
title tbc
11.55Contributed talk: Prof. Dr. Bogdan Mateescu, University of Zürich (CH)
title tbc
12.15Lunch, posters, exhibition, and networking
Session 2: Biomaterials
Chaired by: Simone Schuerle
13.15Keynote 2: Prof. Dr. Suzie Hwang Pun, University of Washington (USA)
Biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy applications
13.55Contributed talk 4179: Dr. Ekaterina Umnyakova, University of Basel (CH)
Complement Modulation on Biosurfaces: Click Chemistry Approach for Natural Regulators Recruitment
14.15Contributed talk 4162: Dr. Céline Labouesse, ETH Zürich (CH)
Granular biomaterials as bioactive sponges for the sequestration and release of signaling molecules
Flash poster presentations
14.35Flash poster 4113: Dr. Edith Perret, Empa (CH)
Local drug delivery with melt-spun liquid core fibers
14.40Flash poster 4165: Léo Sifringer, ETH Zürich (CH)
A soft, implantable nerve model on a chip towards biohybrid regenerative electronics
14.45Flash poster 4169: Dr. Romy Marek, FHNW (CH)
Enhancing the degradation behavior and osseointegration of resorbable Mg-Zn-Ca orthopedic screws by PEO surface treatment
14.50Flash poster 4173: Paula De Dios Andres, Inano (DK)
Interfacing Artificial Cells with Hepatocytes
14.55Flash poster 4174: Dr. Santosh Sadashiv Mathapati, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (IN)
Placental ecm hydrogels: a promising biomaterial
15.00Flash poster 4177: Camillo Colli, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
Thermoresponsive UCST nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery in cancer hyperthermia treatment
15.05Flash poster 4187: Annina Stuber, ETH Zürich (CH)
Sensing neurotransmitters with aptamer-modified nanopipettes at the interface of neuronal systems
15.10Flash poster 4245: Dr. Shabnam Tarvirdipour, University of Basel (CH)
Co-delivery of an antisense oligonucleotide and photosensitizer using a peptide nanocarrier
15.15Flash poster 4284: Dr. Ionel Adrian Dinu, University of Basel (CH)
Designing catalytic nanocompartments to support parallel reactions and promote localized cell internalization
15.20Coffee break
Session 3: Biomaterials
Chaired by: Katharina Maniura
16.00Keynote 3: Prof. Dr. Joachim Spatz, Max Plank Institut (DE)
Bottom-up designs of synthetic cells, its application and skin models
16.40Invited talk 3: Dr. Nicholas Reynolds, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sciences (AU)
Unravelling the role of amyloids in viral infections
17.10Contributed talk: Beatriz Moura, University of Aveiro (PT)
Glycoengineered Bio-clickable Spheroidal Units for Generating Hierarchical Living Materials
17.30Poster Session and Welcome Apéro
8.40Technology pitches by sponsors: Swiss Nanoscience Institute, Oerlikon
Session 4: Computational approaches / Labs of the future
Chaired by: Inge Wortel
9.00Keynote 4: Dr. Gregoire Altan-Bonnet, National Cancer Institute (US)
Building models of CAR-T signal integration, using automatized/dynamic high-dimensional dynamic profiling
9.40Invited talk 4: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Iber, ETH Zürich (CH)
Data-based, predictive models to understand cell signalling for tissue and organoids
10.10Contributed talk: Dr. Vincent Hickl, Empa (CH)
Single-cell live imaging of bacterial infections at 3D surfaces
10.30Coffee break
11.00Contributed talk: 4098: Peng Xuan, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (DE)
Investigation of Dual-Targeting Tumor Spheroids with CAR T Cell Therapy in Hydrogel Microbeads
11.20Technology pitches by exhibitors: IGZ Instruments, CSEM, Nanosurf, Quantum Design
12.00Lunch, posters, exhibition and networking
13.00Technology pitches by exhibitors: Bruker, CellnTec, Milian, Merck
Session 5: Immune disease interfaces
Chaired by: Li Tang
13.40Keynote 5: Prof. Dr. Carole Bourquin, University of Geneva (CH)
Nanomaterials for drug delivery in cancer and inflammation
14.20Invited talk 5: Dr. Inge Wortel, Radboud University (NL)
When motility matters: simulating host-pathogen interactions during Listeria invasion of the gut epithelium
14.50Contributed talk 4175: Emanuele Mauri, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
Advanced formulation of hyaluronan-based nanogels for targeted therapy in ovarian cancer
15.10Contributed talk 4176: Jannes Felsch, University of Basel (CH)
Protection of Biomaterials Against Immune-Mediated Complications: Using a Bacterial Surface Model to Evaluate the Efficacy of Complement Regulator-Recruiting Peptide Coatings
15.30Coffee break
Session 6: Mechanobiology and mechanoimmunology
Chaired by: Michael Nash
16.00Keynote 6: Prof. Dr. Khalid Salaita, Emory University (US)
DNA Mechanotechnology: nucleic acids that sense and generate molecular forces enable a new class of biomedical applications and diagnostics
16.40Contributed talk 4164: Tamara Zünd, ETH Zürich (CH)
Mechanobiological T cell stimulation using nanoporous confinement of microvilli induces T cell signaling leading to CD69 and Il-2 expression
17.00Contributed talk 4168: Prof. Dr. Anne Géraldine Guex, University of Basel (CH)
Mechanical compression and shear induce distinct macrophage polarisation and subsequent mesenchymal stromal cell differentiation
17.20End of Day 2
19.00Conference Dinner in Basel (extra fee applies)
8.40Technology pitches
Session 7: Bioprinting and biofabrication
Chaired by: Markus Rimann and Maurizio Gullo
9.00Keynote 7: Prof. Dr. Massimo Mastrangeli, Delft University of Technology (NL)
Microelectromechanical organs-on-chip
9.40Invited talk 7: Prof. Dr. Bart Spee, Utrecht University (NL)
Liver adult stem cells for advanced in vitro models and whole organ engineering
10.10Contributed talk 4191: Prof. Dr. Laura Suter-Dick, FHNW (CH)
A “plug & play” microphysiological system to quantify the liver fibrosis AOP in vitro
10.30Coffee break
11.00Contributed talk 4095: Behnam Akhavan, University of Newcastle (AU)
Ion-Assisted Plasma Surface Bio-Functionalisation: Bio-Instructive Interfaces for Implantable Medical Devices
Session 8: Science to market
Chaired by: Canet Acikgoz and Samantha Paoletti
Panel moderated by: Maria Hakanson
11.20Short pitches – 4 Swiss Start-ups
• Bionomous: Frank Bonnet, CEO
• Microcaps:
• Cutiss:
• CampagOs: Chris Steffi, Co-Founder and CSO
11.50Panel discussion
• Career Paths and Roles in a Start-Up
• Regulatory
• Financing and Acquisition
• Science and Innovation
12.30Lunch, posters, exhibition and networking
Session 9: Biosensing and diagnostics
Chaired by: Oya Tagit and Simone Schuerle
13.30Contributed talk 4099: Dr. Jiangtao Zhou, ETH Zürich (CH)
An optical fiber-based nanomotion sensor for rapid antibiotic and antifungal susceptibility tests
13.50Contributed talk 4183: Alessandro Stumpo, FHNW and University of Basel
Raman microscopy: Enhancing EGFR Targeting in Ovarian Cancer Cells through Surface Modifications of Gold Nanoparticles
14.10Closing Keynote (virtual): Prof. Dr. Molly Stevens, University of Oxford
Designing and translating materials for advanced therapeutics and biosensing
Q&A with Dr. Stevens
15.00Poster Prizes Announcement
15.10Closing remarks